A Revolutionary Advancement in Sewing Notions.

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In September Torra Gorra DesignsT unveiled the ergonomic thimble for the first time at the National Sewing Show. This revolutionary advancement in sewing notions was created to give sewers and crafters a better alternative to the typical thimbles available today. Since the thimble was first used, there have been a few modifications but nothing has changed the way we use a thimble until today. Many sewers have never become accustomed to using a thimble as a handy tool or some have just left it in their sewing box to gather dust.

With just a little bit of experimentation and practice, every individual will find this new type of thimble can be comfortable, easy to use, and a worthwhile notion to have around.

Torra Gorra DesignsT is located in Longmont, Colorado and is dedicated to providing a product that is inexpensive, made locally, and makes the tougher tasks of sewing fun again. Never again do you have to wear a thimble over your finger. You can keep the ergonomic thimble snug against a finger or thumb and sew on a button or heavy patch without less disruption or fumbling. No more sore fingers or nails!

This thimble is made in Boulder, Colorado and is constructed of a recycled plastic that is soft and flexible, allowing you to bend it to fit best. The design of the thimble was created by the owner of Torra Gorra DesignsT who was frustrated with the traditional thimble. During her last year of engineering school, the topic of ergonomics inspired her to see the thimble in a whole new light. Due to the unique symmetric design with several curvatures, it can be used in many ways. The website http://www.torragorradesigns.com/thimblehowto.html allows users to see a few ideas to get started. But, the greatest satisfaction will be when you find a whole new way to use it for yourself. You can be your own innovator!

The ERGONOMIC THIMBLE is available now on the website http://www.torragorradesigns.com/buythimble.html and soon to be available in retail outlets. If you want to see it in a store near you, contact your local shop and drop us a line at customercare@torragorradesigns.com.

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