{book it} A Fabric Artist’s Guide to Color & Design

written by Cindy on September 28, 2011 in News Release with no comments

Art quilts are one of the creative endeavors that I find amazingly beautiful and completely formidable. I often eye other’s quilts with a tad bit of envy–why can she make it look so simple? and how’d she come up with those colors together?

For some, I think it’s a natural talent, but for the rest of us there’s A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color and Design. Recently released by Landauer Publishing, the hidden spiral-bound book is a treasure trove of information about the elusive (at least to me) world of color, scale, value, intensity, saturation, harmony and rhythm. The depth of information on classic color theory and the principles of design is perfectly suited for those working in the fiber arts.

Heather Thomas, herself a quilter of more than 25 years, has been teaching and lecturing about color theory and design principles for fiber artist for a decade and those classes form the foundation for A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color and Design.

Thomas includes quick guides to how an art quilt works, including its balance type, grid structure, color, design elements and direction. This information alone gives us non-Art majors needed resources for producing better art quilts.

Beyond the education aspect of the book, Thomas continues on and provides twelve workshop lessons for the reader to do themselves, including monochromatic quilts, color temperature and transparent illusions.

Filled with full-color photos and illustrations alongside an amazing complete color education, A Fiber Artist’s Guide to Color and Design is an invaluable addition to any fabric artist’s library.

This book is part of Landauer’s Basics and Beyond series and is now available for purchase, both wholesale and retail.

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