Hexagon Heaven + a giveaway!

written by Cindy on July 24, 2012 in Product Release with 4 comments

If you spend time online, you’ve noticed it–hexagons are back in a big, big way.

Hexies, as they’re fondly referred to, are being used in new ways, as well as the traditional Grandma’s Garden. It’s probably what many of us think of when it comes to the little five-sided fabric bits, but hexies are being used in many other incarnations.

It isn’t hard to see how hexies are a new-found love for many. Fat Quarterly started a hexagon-along last month, Ali at A Squared W is hosting a Festival of Hexagons in August and Threadbias started a new group to showcase hexie projects.

Another great place to look for hexagonal inspiration is the new book from Stash Books: Hexa-Go-Go written by Tacha Bruecher. With sixteen projects to choose from there’s plenty for any skill level and interest in hexies. She mixes them up for a modern twist on a traditional quilting technique, using hexies to create the stripes in the American flag, squaring them up for quilt blocks and to make both stars and diamonds!

We have an extra copy of Hexa-Go-Go to give away to a lucky shopowner. What we’d like to know is how are you promoting the rekindled love of hexies in your shop? Leave us a comment, along with your name and shop name to enter. You have until Thursday, August 2nd at midnight and we’ll announce a lucky winner on Friday!

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