Banish the Buying Barriers!

written by Cindy on September 23, 2013 in Columnists and Education with no comments

In the June issue (#94) of FabShop News, Jennifer Albaugh examined some of the merchandising barriers to buying that customers may run into.

1. Has a customer ever told you, “Oh. I didn’t even see that.” Limit how much weeding through things your customer has to do, by having a “What’s New” area of your store.

2. “I couldn’t find the price.” Be consistent where you place your price stickers and price everything.

3. “There’s not enough information. (and) I don’t know how to use that.” Give your customers enough information about a new product to make an informed buying decision.

4. “It’s not my style or color.” Make samples that appeal to a wide audience.

5. “The price seems too high.” Educate your customer on the benefits of the product so she can see the value the product has and that it is worth the money.

See more in the June 2013 issue of FabShop News magazine column:

Merchandising Matters by Jennifer Albaugh, owner of Quiltique, Henderson, NV

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