Gettysburg Era Fabric Collection Released by Washington Street Studio

written by Cindy on February 15, 2016 in News Release and Product Release with no comments

Inspired by quilts of the 1860s, Gettysburg Era is an authentic representation of the patterns, colors and textures of textiles during this important era. Designed by Sara Morgan, the collection features rich reds, blues, blacks and creams in petite florals, period geometrics and small prints. This collection tells the story of the women of the North and the South and how they were all quilting to help raise money for the Civil War effort.

Gettysburg Era fabrics by Washington Street Studio

Gettysburg Era fabrics by designer Sara Morgan for Washington Street Studio

In the North, women were organizing fairs where they would sell their quilts and crafts to raise money used to purchase supplies for the soldiers. In the Southern States, women were buy making ‘Gunboat Quilts’ which were sold to raise money to buy gunboats desperately needed by the Confederate Army.

This collection from Washington Street Studio, a subsidiary of P & B Textiles, boasts 24 SKUs and is designed to work well together as a standalone collection or as filler prints to mix and match. Both traditional and contemporary quilters will find the perfect ‘go-withs’ for fabrics that are already hiding in their stashes.

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