Jennifer Albaugh Jennifer Albaugh, Merchandising Matters
Jennifer Albaugh is the co-owner of Quiltique in Henderson, NV and celebrating 10 successful years in the quilting business.  She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a degree in Marketing and Merchandise Management.
Kelly R Davey Kelly R. Davey, Set the Stage
Kelly R. Davey takes pleasure in sharing his last 30 years of experience creating displays for small businesses. Eight of those years were spent as Director of Visual Display at Daisy Kingdom in Portland, OR. Currently his days are filled with taking care of customers at E.E. Schenck and plotting new displays to entice customers.
Laurie Harsh Laurie Harsh, Harsh Reality
Laurie founded The Fabric Shop Network in 1997 and is a nationally known business consultant. With over 37 years in the fabric retailing business, she provides industry-specific expertise in financial management, marketing and promotional strategies, and human resources.
Penny Haren Penny Haren, Sometimes a Great Notion
For more than 20 years, as a quilter and several years as a shop owner, Ohio-based Penny Haren has been developing and teaching techniques that make it quick, easy and fun for quilters —even beginners—to create intricate blocks with stunning results. In her “spare time,” Penny consults with and writes the newsletter for Checker Distributors.
Donelle McAdams Donelle McAdams, Profitable Promotions
Marti Michell Marti Michell, The Importance of Customer Relations
In 1972, Marti and Richard Michell founded Yours Truly, Inc., a premiere quiltmaking and fabric crafts company. Since then Marti has worn many hats, including conceiving of and running Quilt Market’s Schoolhouse, manufacturing, publishing, designing tools and fabric, writing books, teaching, and owning a quilt shop.
Karen Montgomery Karen Montgomery, Become a Savvy Buyer
Karen Montgomery has contributed “Savvy Buying” columns to FabShop News since 2005. These have been compiled into a book, Become a Savvy Buyer, available from FabShop.